You’ve always loved hockey but your parents didn’t enroll you. Now you’ve got a job, or have moved close to an arena and are finally taking the leap. Good job, you are not alone. I have had people email me who are 50+ years old that are just starting. Below are some tips for you to learn and improve quickly.

Guide for Adults starting hockey

You don’t need full equipment to start

If you just want to give hockey a shot, you don’t need to dump your full pay cheque and then some on hockey equipment. All you really need are skates, elbow pads, shin pads, a stick and a helmet. If you look around you could find most items used, or on sale. I recommend a decent helmet, and comfortable skates that fit properly. For more information on what equipment you need visit our hockey equipment guide for adult players

In most adult leagues shoulder pads, a mouth guard, and a neck guard is optional.

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