NHL is a sport that is full of many impressive players both young and old. From the bright-eyed stars of tomorrow to the rugged veterans of the present day, the NHL has produced many legends and stories worth hearing. Two stories worth listening to across the great pantheon of NHL tales is that of Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin. The duo are going to be teammates at the Washington Capitals once again – and they hope to be long into the future.

The duo will be set to play their 900th game tonight, and will be up against the New Jersey Devils in a showpiece match-up. Speaking about the match-up, though, Backstrom made it clear that he wanted to finish his career alongside his long-time teammate here in Washington.

Speaking to NHL.com, Backstrom said: “Exactly. That’s what I want to do,

“This is home for me. Washington’s been great for me, and I love playing here. It’s my family. So, every time you have that feeling, you don’t want to go anywhere.”

With this being the final year of his 10-year deal, though, that might not be possible. Contract negotiations have been ongoing for a while, and while he remains optimistic about earning a new deal there is nothing to say yet. All that Backman said about the process was: “The next thing you’ll hear about that it will be done maybe. “But nothing, yet.”

Can the two legends finish their illustrious careers alongside each other? It would feel odd for that not to be the case.

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