Starting a new sport can be pretty intimidating. You may have no idea what to buy, how to play, or even how to get started. But since you are reading this guide, you are already on the right track! This guide will cover the basic tips for beginners. So whether you’re a parent researching for your child or a new player, this information will put you ahead in the game. Listed below are a few tips to help you get started on your field hockey career.

1. Buy a Composite Stick

If you are planning to stay with the sport, buying a composite stick is your best option. They are slightly more expensive than their wood-based counterparts, but they are worth it. Composite sticks are easier to play with because they give you more power and control. You may have to invest more money up-front by purchasing a brand name composite stick, but in the long run, it will save you money. If you buy a cheaper, starter stick from the get go, you will eventually have to purchase a more advanced composite stick — two sticks may end up costing you more than one good stick.

Choosing your field hockey stick is a combination of preference, height, and field position. But, the best way to pick your stick is by trying it out before purchasing it — most stick vendors will allow you to play with the stick before purchasing it.


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