The NHL is known for having a dramatic, high-energy season most years. The impact of squad depth and injuries often becomes something talked about with regularity. Those with the most depth, as in most squad-based sports, often have the opportunity to seal the deal. Some positons, though, will see less love than others when it comes to the depth stakes.

It’s just as well for the Philadelphia Flyers, then, that they have pretty decent level of depth in nets. They are about to break an NHL record by using their eighth goalkeeper of the season. This record number is going to be set if when, as expected, Cam Talbot steps up to take over for the game against the New Jersey Devils on Friday.

Previously, the recently acquired Talbot was the back-up keeper for Brian Elliott. The Flyers coach, Scott Gordon, though wasn’t keen on keeping with the same keeper, saying: “It’s the right opportunity,

“We don’t want to go back to back with goalies, do as much as we can to prevent that. It’s better for the two goalies so it’s the perfect opportunity for [Talbot] to get in and play.”

Indeed, three (now four) teams had in the past managed to use seven keepers in a single season – though this was the first in over a decade. The most recent to the Flyers was the Los Angeles Kings, who done so in the 2007-08 season. The first time that we see a team use seven different keepers was the Quebec Nordiques, who done so in the 1989-90 season.

Now, though, the Flyers look set to hold that record all on their own – though is it really something that you want?

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