With a rather shallow roster, the Philadelphia Flyers really need to try and keep their squad numbers up. The loss of defenseman Radko Gudas, though, is almost certain to leave them short of a defensive stalwart. He was handed a two-game ban by the NHL, without pay, after pulling high-stick tactics against the Tampa Bay Lightning forward, Nikita Kucherov, in their match on Tuesday night.

The ban will be a major loss for the Flyers, who need all of the defensive help that they can get. The incident, which took place at 15:52 in the third period of the game, was at the time given as a minor penalty for high-sticking.

However, the star has now been forced to forfeit two matches salary – some $81,700 – which will go directly into the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund. The reason why is quite simple: Gudas has become a bit of a repeat offender when it comes to high-sticking.

This, then, will leave both him out of pocket and his teammates light when it comes to defence. As one of the best defenders on the Flyers roaster, this is definitely a big loss for them at a key point in their season. The incident, which took place on game 918 of the NHL season, will definitely stick in the mind for offensive players when Gudas comes back.

With a growing reputation for pulling this kind of move, it’s not likely to make it any easier to get away with in the future!

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