Many sports teams often have a player who feels a cut above the rest. In hockey, it’s quite common for a team to have a player who is their reliable expert in the clutch moments. For the Edmonton Oilers, that player might just be Connor McDavid. The 21-year-old is rated as among the best young players in the National Hockey League, and is probably their star turn.

The captain for the club at such a young age, too, McDavid stands out like a sore thumb. As the season reaches its mid-way point, it might final be time to ask: is Connor McDavid maybe outgrowing his team by this point?

Some would suggest that he might be among the best players in the league. However, he’s let down by those around him and he plays in a pretty middling outfit. If the Oilers are going to get into the post-season in any kind of condition, though, it’s going to be down more or less to the skill and quality of McDavid.

Players love to be the star turn, but that can only happen for so long. At such a young age and already producing with such consistency, is it likely that he’ll stick around at the side for much longer?

A hugely impressive 24 goals and 38 assists by the half-way point is incredible quality. He’s more or less managed to take in around half of the entire clubs scoring so for in their 41-games at the moment. With seven match winners, too, he’s a clutch player.

You just have to ask how long he’ll put up with the quality around him. McDavid has the chance to really become a household name for NHL fans for a long time to come. Can he really achieve all that he needs at the Oilers?

It’s not likely at the moment, which does make an exit – sooner rather than later – likely.

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