When it comes to major coaching appointments in the NHL, history has shown how important the right coach can be. The right guy can bring an underperforming side all the way. The wrong guy could stop the entire team from progressing as they would have happened. So, when the Ottawa Senators announced the signing of Jack Capuano as their new coach, the opinion was mostly the former: they’ve signed a good, impressive coach.

As a major part of the coaching team that DJ Smith is putting together, Capuano offers expertise and quality that was missing last year. Joining as the associate coach, his three-year deal will see him come in for the 2019-20 season and those behind.

In a club statement, Smith said: “Jack brings a wealth of coaching experience in the National Hockey League and is a great fit with our staff,

“Our goal was to bring in someone who has been an NHL head coach – Jack has that experience and much more. He’s played defence, run a defence and run a penalty kill. He is a detailed, hard-working guy who players enjoy working with. We are happy to have Jack here in Ottawa to help with the growth and development of this team.”

Capuano, 52, has a wealth of experience and has spent the last two years over at the Florida Panthers. He was also at the New York Islanders or close to a decade beforehand and was head coach from 2010-2017. Many fans will be happy to have someone with such extensive and varied knowhow joining the coaching staff and adding some much-needed nous to the bench once again.

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