For some time, the sport of hockey has been known as a relatively passionate, aggressive sport. Much of the confrontation that you see on the ice only goes to show why it has earned that reputation. Sometimes, though, even hockey manages to produce a player who tries to take things a little further in terms of gamesmanship. That player has been the Vegas Golden Knights’ defenseman, Colin Miller.

The player has been fined around $2,000 as part of NHL Rule 64, for Diving/Embellishment. This was announced as a more serious punishment for players who tend to have regular bouts of diving and/or embellishment. Miller was found to have done this again recently, and was given a fine of $2,000 to try and curb a diving behaviour.

Indeed, his coach won’t want this to happen again given the four-dives strike for the club. If the club is to receive four fines handed out to its player(s) over the season, then the coach will receive a fine. This is a very interesting rule, and shows just why so many players get angsty when their opponents maybe go down a bit too easy.

If this helps to stop diving from being an issue for the Knights, though, we’re sure that they’ll be quite happy. Though nowhere near as common as it is in other sports, diving has become a bit more prevalent in NHL in recent years. Therefore, the hope is that this system – and those made an example of by it – learn their lesson.

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