When a club legend moves on from one team, it can often be hard to get over. Years and years of watching the same people take part in the game for your club is heartening. In the constant change and chaos of modern sports, that continuity can feel good. When a departure does happen, though, more often than not it leads to a lot of broken hearts and hurt feelings.

For Nazem Kadri, though, his love affair with the Toronto Maple Leafs is going nowhere. He came back to Toronto with the Colorado Avalanche, and was greeted by an incredible reception from everyone. You could see the genuine emotion within the man and his family, as they stood proud as punch watching the highlights footage they put up of his days in Toronto.

Speaking about it afterward, Kadri said: “I think I came close to shedding a tear there. That was special for me.”

His mother, Sue, definitely did shed some tears. He also got a standing ovation from the crowd at the Scotiabank Arena, seeing him wave back to the crowd. In what is often an aggressive sport, it was nice to see such a wholesome event take place. Whatever happens in the future, it’s safe to say that Nazem Kadri and the Toronto Maple Leafs will always have plenty of room in their hearts for one another.

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