The NHL All-Star Weekend is probably one of the best weekends in the sport. It’s a brilliant way to enjoy a light-hearted but still fiery and competitive match-up between the best of the best. Across the weekend, we often see a lot of exciting play and a lot of really interesting combinations. It often leaves you wondering what it would be like to see these sides compete in the NHL. However, this year we look like we’ll be seeing something even more unique.

It’s been announced that has part of the weekend event in St. Louis, we’ll be seeing a 3v3 women’s match. This will see teams representing the United States and Canada face off against one another. It’s likely to create a very interesting match-up, with the scrimmage highly anticipated by those who are looking to take part.

Last year, we seen Coyne Schofield make history as the first woman to take part in the NHL All-Star Weekend. She took part in the skating competition, but this year we’ll see some ladies take to the field and duke it out for a top spot.

The skills competition will now see a 20-minute match-up take place with two 10-player women’s teams facing off against one another. With nine skaters and a goalkeeper each, we’ll see some very interesting match-ups taking place this year.

For NHL fans who are looking for the sport to be less male-dominated, this could be a huge moment for the sport.

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