Like many expected ever since the season was first cancelled, the NHL has decided to bring an end to the regular season. As has been the expectation for a while, this will see the regular season end and a new play-off style season begin. The plan dubbed the Return to Play plan, will see a 24-team selection take part in the Stanley Cup.

NHL fans should be very excited to see that the league will be returning in the near future. The plan will see a 24-team league set up, with everyone playing out of major “hub” cities across the USA. This will see players return to their normal training facilities and formal training camps, as well as plans for the NHL Draft Lottery.

The announcement has been approved by the League’s Board of Governments, and the NHL Players’ Association. This will see that the season comes to end, with around 85% of the games having been played and thus offering a strong enough cut-off point to end the season. Now, a system will be devised for a larger play-off plan than normal, with the winner eventually walking away with what will surely be one of the most emotive Stanley Cup wins in a long, long time.

The tournament has become a major part of the NHL calendar ever since inception, and it’s vital that it’s played out to a finish. Now, NHL fans know that they will have a chance to watch a meaningful end to what has been a very exciting season.

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