As the NHL Draft comes into focus, there is a palpable excitement for fans of the sport. The NHL Draft is one of the most exciting trading windows in sports, with teams putting their wits and their finances together to build a Stanley Cup competing team in the near future.

However, the Draft is set to finally start-up on Monday, 10th August, and this will see the resumption including the No. 1 pick on the Draft. The eight teams who were unable to advance from the qualifiers will each have a 12.5% chance of picking up the prestigious first pick.

This will mean that any team who is not taking part in the push for the 2020 Stanley Cup will have a chance at major squad strengthening. The teams who are not given the 1st pick will be drawn from 9th to 15th position in the draft, giving them an inverse position based on their points percentages when the original season was curtailed.

This will be an interesting watch, with many of the traditional giants expected to look for stability as opposed to evolution. This could see some big names on the playing circuit winding up with teams who might not normally have had the chance, creating a really interesting dynamic this year.

The NHL Draft might have been a little later this year, but it’s finally all about to start: NHL fans, brace yourselves for a host of surprises, shocks, and crazy deals.

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