As one of the most confusing parts of the NHL, the agreement for players to return to play has left a cloud hanging over the NHL season. Unlike other sports, many NHL teams have yet to be coaxed to return to the rink and start playing. The NHL and the NHLPA have been in pretty constant dialogue, and the hope is that a deal will be finalised in the future for players to get back to playing.

The aim is to try and come up with an agreement that would mean training camps can return and that play-in games and return-to-play protocols could be put in place in full. The aim is also to bring in a new Collective Bargaining Agreement extension as well as some new transitions rules.

As you can see, then, there is a fair amount of change happening and no shortage of information to be looked over by all parties. The hope is that a ratification process can begin and that we could see some agreements over return to play dates and other key factors.

For now, though, the worry is that it will be tough to find an agreement. The hope is that Edmonton will b able to host the Stanley Cup Final, while Toronto is expected to play a major role in getting the season finished. For now, though, the main stumbling block appears to be finalising agreements to ensure everyone feels comfortable in actually taking part.

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