For some time now, the noise coming out of NHL Seattle have been very positive indeed. Seattle, which was given the expansion team slot in 2018, has started to work towards a 2020-21 starting date. Behind the development of their new arena project is Oak View Group. A media tour on Tuesday noted that their new arena would be open for summer 2021. This would give the team the perfect chance to start playing home games as soon as possible.

Speaking about the build project was Ken Johnsen, who is overseeing the project as Construction Executive at Oak View Group. At the conference, he said: “We are drilling permanent foundations as we speak. We will be done with the excavation, all of that 600,000 cubic yards, we’ll be done with that by end of February.”

The project, expected to cost something in the region of $930m, is going to be a privately funded stadium built. It’s expected to come to fruition soon, with the roof of the old Seattle arena being preserved as it’s a historical landmark. The roof, weighing a whopping 44 million pounds, was first built in 1962. That, then, is going to be preserved as the rest of the stadium is built around it.

For Seattle hockey fans, then, the clock is ticking, and the fun will soon begin. A new expansion team will be arriving sooner rather than later, complete with a shiny new stadium. It’s hard not to be excited by that!

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