With the NHL Restart project very much moving forward ahead of its 1st August return, some issues have come up along the way. One of the most common issues so far has been team preparation, but now other issues have come up during the build-up to the restart. One of the main issues has been damage to The Edmonton Oilers stadium, Rogers Place.

The iconic venue has been damaged during a storm, with significant water damage having taken place and thus leaving the stadium in significant damage. The Oilers Entertainment Group said, though, that the water damage should not cause issues with regards to getting games back on. The Oilers are expected to host the Calgary Flames in an exhibition match on the 28th July.

In a statement about the damage, the OEG said: “A significant storm came through [Edmonton] earlier this evening. As a result, Rogers Place has suffered some water damage to the terminus of Ford Hall, along with some smaller leaks in other parts of the building.

“We are assessing the damage and at this time are confident that it will not hamper our planning and preparation and we will be ready to host the return of NHL hockey as hub city.”

So, for now, there is no reason to worry that the restart is in jeopardy or even that we won’t see the Rogers Place exhibition take place. For now, everything is expected to be normal enough to get a match started come the 28th.

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