When the NHL playoffs came around, many people predicted the Tampa Bay Lightning to have a decent run. As one of the top teams in the previous season, they were quite a good team to watch this year. They’ve consistently played well, and have shown a maturity and complexity to their game that previously was not quite so noticeable. This year, though, they’ve suffered a nightmare in the playoffs.

Having been probably the best team in the NHL in the regular season, and came into this part of the season with many talking them being history makers. They have won more games in the regular season than anyone. Ever. To crash out in such horrendous fashion to the Columbus Blue Jackets, then, is an incredible failure.

They just got into the playoffs, and even that was an expectation higher than many had for them. Seen as a starter for the Lightning to chew up prior to the main course, they have produced an almighty shock. This was their first ever playoff series win, and it’s still leaving a lot of NHL fans wondering what they just witnessed.

For a lot of fans, the Lightning were the favourites to go and win the whole thing. The plaudits received for an absolutely spectacular regular season, though, might just have gone to their heads a shade earlier than was beneficial.

With a season that looked so promising now up in smoke, who knows what comes next for a Lightning team who just got zapped.

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