When NHL trade season comes around, we often have a lot of time to think about and analyse every potential trade. With the chaos of the 2020 season, though, caused mostly by the COVID-19 crisis, everything can feel a touch more rushed than expected. It’s why we are seeing some interesting trade rumours – including that of Montreal Canadiens winger/center, Max Domi.

Domi is expected to be on the market this year and would make a wise choice for several NHL teams. A player with high productivity and who has settled into life in Montreal, showing that he can handle life in the NHL after a rather poor time over in Arizona.

However, the reason for a trade comes down to depth. In the form of Nick Suzuki and Philipp Dannault, the Canadiens have a pretty stacked center collection. He’s arguably the third pick at center position, and he’s unlikely to be happy with playing wing primarily.

So, this leaves the club with a rather big challenge; the fact that he’s paid more than your average winger also means that he would be a very expensive round peg to try and fit into a square hole. He’s a good player, and he’s being linked with some interesting teams in a trade. The most obvious move for him would probably a move to Columbus with the Blue Jackets; they need offensive power, and could perhaps put together an attractive-enough trade package to make Montreal blink.

For now, though, it looks likely that a trade will take place – for once, though, it’s not down to poor performance, but stylistic fit.

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