While many see NHL as a league full of anger, passion, and aggression, most of the time it shows a totally different side to itself on the actual ice. And one of the main reasons for that is down to the sheer quality of the players; it’s hard to show disrespect to many of the legends who are out there and making it big. One name who mane fans will know is Zdeno Chara, the veteran Boston Bruins defenseman.

He’s been around for some time, and he received a standing ovation from the crowd at the Bell Centre. The Montreal Canadiens gave him a whopping reception after he managed to reach an incredible 1,500 gams in the sport. This makes him just the sixth defenseman to do that, and puts him up there with some of the best ever. Speaking about the landmark moment was Canadiens captain Shea Weber, who said: “That’s pretty amazing for anyone to do,

“He’s a guy that put a lot of hard work and dedication into his career. … I don’t know if many guys would be able to do what he did, especially the way the game is now. But kudos to him, he’s been great.”

Chara himself appreciated the fine nature of the fans response to him, saying: “I really appreciate that,

“It was very classy and something I will definitely remember. We’ve had some battles. It’s a good rivalry; a lot of history with both of these teams, so it’s always fun to play these games.”

While he might be used to being the villain of the piece when playing here, this midweek Chara got the respect that he deserves.

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